Kiyan Vatan

Jun 15 2024 - Jun 15 2024

Kiyan Vatan


Kian gained fame with the collection ‘Hoozehi’. ‘Hoozehi’ is an adaptation of one of the popular people-friendly plays from the 1970s. Fil Motajaddi, who was transformed by his fellow citizens into a peculiar creature, embodies a somewhat comical story that also echoes Gregor Samsa in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Kian Vatan, in order to depict the societal confusion in Iran between tradition and modernity, turned this fictional character into the hero of his paintings and sculptures. ‘Hoozehi,’ or rather, ‘who is he,’ represents men and women who shatter their dreams within a single dream. They belong neither to Western civilization nor to the dreams of the East. In each era, ‘Hoozehi’ dons various costumes. Sometimes resembling an extraterrestrial being, other times dressed like Qajar kings, and occasionally portraying himself as a self-styled Hercules."
  • Jun 15 2024 - Jun 15 2024

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