Marjan Nemati

May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

Marjan Nemati


THE FAMILIAR CITY Paintings of Tehran began as a personal experience; from our family home’s window. The view of the rooftops gave me a strange feeling, some sort of SHARED EXPERIENCE with earlier generations. Then came the sense of BELONGING; to something, to a historical period, a city, a society and an era. Over time, the SENSE OF OWNERSHIP also joined in. I not only belonged, but I owned, it was like COLLECTIVE OWNERSHIP. That feeling gradually spread through the place I lived in, and I have tried to make the city my own ever since. Choosing old buildings from different periods of contemporary architecture derives from the idea that our surrounding space, throughout time, documents and reserves our presence. I have tried to evoke the viewer’s collective memory, awaken their sense of belonging to a common heritage, and, at times, invite them to reflect on their personal experiences. This series of works, initiated in 2010 and is still ongoing, they have been presented under the following titles: WHAT WAS, WHAT IS; MEMORABILIA and FAMILIAR CITY.
  • May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

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