Hamid Bahrami

May 28 2024 - May 28 2024

Hamid Bahrami


As an artist, my work is an exploration of the intersections between art history and pop culture, creating enigmatic compositions that invite viewers to discover their own interpretations. I draw from a wide array of influences, from 20th-century paintings and 1950s advertisements to graffiti, cartoons, and animation. By blending these diverse elements, I aim to create sophisticated pastiches that offer fresh perspectives on contemporary life. Each canvas is a journey through different moods, styles, and references, challenging conventional boundaries and encouraging viewers to engage in a dialogue with the artwork. My compositions are designed to be both inviting and elusive, suggesting psychological associations while allowing for multiple interpretations. I aim to reshape traditional ideas, and celebrate iconic cultural elements. My experience living in the United States has further enriched my work, providing a unique fusion of Iranian and American cultural influences. Through my art, I aim to bridge these cultural worlds, offering a lens through which to examine contemporary issues and themes. The layers of my compositions are meant to reflect the complexities of modern life, where disparate influences converge to create new meanings. Ultimately, I hope to inspire viewers to explore their own stories and connections within the enigmatic narratives of my work.

Selected solo exhibitios

Exhibitions 2008 - ASIFA Atlanta , Atlanta, GA
2013 - DK Gallery , Atlanta, GA
2016 - Homa Art Gallery, “All about mockingbird ”, Tehran
2017 - Homa Art Gallery, “Champions of the shallow end” , Tehran
2018 - Den Gallery, “ Vigour ”, Kuwait
2018 - Homa Art Gallery, “Chroma Key” Tehran
2019 - Galleries at MAS, Abu Dhabi
2019 - Shara Art Fair, Jeddah
2018 - ,Start Saatchi Gallery, London
2023 - Baashgaah + Homa Gallery, “Comics, The Last Tragedy”, Tehran
2024 - Homa Gallery, “To the citizens of the fantasy world ”, Tehran


1992 - Yong talent painting award, Tehran, Art University
1993 - First Prize award of the art media Competition, Tehran International book fair
1993 - Second prize from the Tehran Municipality International Art Competition, TEHRAN’S BLUE SKY
1994 - First Prize award Art media Competition Tehran International book fair
1995 - First Prize award from the 2nd Tehran International Cartoon Biennial
1995 - Bronze medal from the 15th Yomiuri Shimbun International Cartoon Festival, JAPAN
1997 - Second prize from the First International Cartoon festival MAN & NATURE, UNESCO, Tehran
1997 - Third prize award from the 3rd Tehran International Cartoon Biennial
1998 - Third prize of the art national competition HOME, Ministry of Roads and Urban development
2001 - First prize of the International Cartoon Contest, Saving the Ozone Layer. UNISEF, Tehran
2002 - Second prize of the Al Bayan Newspaper international Cartoon Contest, Dubai, UAE
2003 - Second prize of the First International Cartoon Contest City Complexities, Tehran
2005 - The best commercial film of the 4th Tehran International Animation Festival
2006 - The selected cartoon of the 6th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial
2007 - The best short film of the 25th International Fajr Film Festival, Tehran
2007 - The best Iranian animation of the 5th Tehran International Animation Festival
2008 - The selected Animation from the Asifa annually convention, Atlanta, USA
2008 - Third Prize of the 8th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial
2009 - The best graphics and conceptual design title for computer games “Quest of Persia”
2010 - The best graphics and conceptual design title for computer game and “Nader’s Sword”


  • May 28 2024 - May 28 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

Sat ‒ Thu: 11:00 ‒ 19:00
Fri: 16:00 ‒ 20:00

No. 8, W 4th St, Sanaee St, Karim Khan Zand Blvd, Tehran, IRAN