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Ouria, when discussing her art, expressed that she desires and expects viewers to be moved when they gaze upon her paintings. Unlike traditional women who adhere to established femininity norms, Ouria is a game changer. Her work is adorned with a unique blend of needlework, thread, glitter, and collage. The sources of her art are deeply intertwined with her personal history and the historical context in which she lived. The politics of biography play a significant role. Ouria’s artistic process is rooted in her own life experiences, drawing inspiration directly from the era she inhabited. As an artist and a woman, she grappled with societal issues related to women. Her work reflects a personal journey within the constraints of a specific time, and her determination led her to overcome numerous obstacles."


Oriya Mahmoodi was born n 1990 in Sari. She is graduated at graphics MA degree from university of Guilan and post-graduated at photography from Tehran university of art. In her art works, holding two shows called “we, beloved” in 2015 in gallery 26 in Tehran and another shows called “inside” in 2021 in Vali gallery are considerable. The current collection called “The first Nature "is her newest work which is introduced here.


Tattered Travelodge

2024 / April
  • May 21 2024 - May 21 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

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