Farshid Shafiee

May 29 2024 - May 29 2024

Farshid Shafiee


Farshid is a visual designer with expertise in painting, illustration, graphic design, and animation. Since 1997, he has exhibited his art in numerous group and solo shows across Iran, the USA, England, Italy, France, Slovakia, China, Japan, India, Dubai, and other countries. He has been honored with many international and national prizes for his illustrations, graphic design, and animations. The most characteristic element of his work is "playfulness," as he describes it. Drawing inspiration from Susan Sontag's notion that "sanity is a cozy lie" to define the Camp philosophy, Farshid sees playfulness as redemption in his work.
  • May 29 2024 - May 29 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

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No. 8, W 4th St, Sanaee St, Karim Khan Zand Blvd, Tehran, IRAN