Hossein Tamjid

Jun 2 2024 - Jun 2 2024

Hossein Tamjid


Hossein Tamjid demonstrates remarkable skill in handling a variety of botanical elements that defy natural existence but are frequently used to depict it. His approach is straightforward and unpretentious, creating images that were once referred to as “plasticity.” The precision of his brushstrokes consistently aligns with their intended purpose—the marks harmonize with their descriptions, and gestures often serve abstract paintings rather than mere surface embellishments. For those acquainted with the bustling streets of Tehran, the visual overload from all directions is a familiar experience. It’s no wonder that Hossein Tamjid’s distinctive and occasionally discordant artwork seamlessly integrates into this context. The same can be said for his works themselves.
  • Jun 2 2024 - Jun 2 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

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No. 8, W 4th St, Sanaee St, Karim Khan Zand Blvd, Tehran, IRAN