Pouriya Parhizkar

May 28 2024 - May 28 2024

Pouriya Parhizkar


One form of contemporary abstract art in Iran, hermetic images, has a rich historical background. These images can be observed in various architectural works and geometric designs, as well as Sassanid mosques and palaces up until the Qajar era. Such symbols are also prevalent in Iran's traditional art, such as in the columns found by the local people along the Persian Gulf coast, which have become part of their popular religious culture. Pouria's fascination with this art style first began when he discovered minimalist abstract art in New York, eventually leading him back to the geometric roots of Iranian art. His paintings incorporate different interpretations of mandalas, showcasing both geometric and figurative elements, while simultaneously blending modern action painting techniques. The artworks also serve as a reminder of the artist's passionate dedication to his craft, reflecting his intense emotional connection with each piece.

Group show

2014 - Ahvaz Contemporary Museum, Ahwaz, Iran.
2015 - "Sherveh Festival", Saba Art Center, Tehran.
2015 - "Montakhab-e Nasl-e No 8", Shirin Gallery, Tehran.
2018 - "Identity Crisis", Ava Center Gallery, Tehran.
2018 - "Drawing as Living", Iranian Artist Forum, Tehran.
2018 - "Summer Collection", Homa Gallery, Tehran.
2018 - "Talker", Vartan Gallery, Tehran.
2021 - "Celebration Of Nowruz And The New Year", Non Gallery Spaces, Tehran.
2022 - "Geometric Abstraction in Contemporary Aspect ", Jaleh Gallery, Tehran.
2023 - "Group show, "Eighth Day: Silence", Sheydaei Art Gallery, Tehran

Solo show

2023 - "Around the Circles", Homa Art Gallery, Tehran.
2017 - "It All Began Witha Cannon", Homa Gallery, Tehran.
2022 - "The Sound That Is Heard", Homa Art Gallery, Tehran.
2020 - "Prose Poem, Short Ones', Homa Gallery, Tehran.



2022 / November


  • May 28 2024 - May 28 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

Sat ‒ Thu: 11:00 ‒ 19:00
Fri: 16:00 ‒ 20:00

No. 8, W 4th St, Sanaee St, Karim Khan Zand Blvd, Tehran, IRAN