Sepideh Azad-Mehr

May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

Sepideh Azad-Mehr


Sepideh Azad-Mehr Iranian Artist specializing in multidisciplinary art Objective: To express the profound connection between human beings and the world around them through my art, particularly in the form of mask-making. I am driven by the explora- tion of inherent contradictions within individuals, their ability to embody multiple fac- ets in relation to a single topic, and their constant transformation from one persona to another. By working across diverse mediums such as painting, video art, and more, I strive to transcend the limitations of a singular artistic medium


2002 - Diploma in Graphic Design | School of Fine Arts | Isfahan
2007 - Bachelor's Degree in Painting | Isfahan University of Art | Isfahan

Work Experience

Sculpture Workshops | Various Dates
2004 -2009 - Teaching Positions: Painting, Doll Making and Ceramics | Institute for Intellectual Development of Chil- dren and Young Adults | Isfahan.
2008-2012 - Furniture Design and Interior Design | Mak'ab Furniture Gallery | Isfahan.
2020-2023 - Specialized Teaching of Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Video Art).
2020-2023 - Conducting Multi-Day Specialized Workshops.
2020-2023 - Costume Design and Wearable Sculptures for Cinema and Theater.
2019-2023 - Collaboration with Fashion Brands for Accessory Design.

Exhibitions and Activities

A Selection” Participated in the UNVEILED exhibition held in Canterbury in 2022. Exhibited at the Fashion For Bank Robbers exhibition held at Maximiliansforum Gal- lery in Munich in 2022.
Published a photo collection of wearable sculptures in ELLE fashion magazine in 2023. Participated in a group exhibition titled “Made in Heaven” at XH Gallery.
Participated in the 2nd Symposium on Art and Human Rights held in Ottawa in 2023.


Sculpture | Painting | Video Art | Photography | Performance Art | Installation Contact
  • May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

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