Kasra Golrang

May 29 2024 - May 29 2024

Kasra Golrang


In memory Each artwork of mine returns to an undying time and place. Things are souvenirs and plants reminded me a place.


Kasra Golrang was born in Ahvaz, Iran; 1982. Lives and works in Tehran. He received his MFA in illustration from Art Faculty of Shahed University in 2010 and his BFA in painting from the Art University of Isfahan in 2007. He has been working as an artist and exhibiting six solo drawing and painting shows in Homa Art Gallery in Tehran since 2011. In his works, Kasra reveals a deep-rooted fascination with the act of observation, particularly of subjects which he finds in books and interior design journals, or more recently, objects around himself in his studio.


  • May 29 2024 - May 29 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

Sat ‒ Thu: 11:00 ‒ 19:00
Fri: 16:00 ‒ 20:00

No. 8, W 4th St, Sanaee St, Karim Khan Zand Blvd, Tehran, IRAN