Narges Hashemi

May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

Narges Hashemi


Her artistic practice involves a diversity of media including painting, photography, sculpture and installation. She does not limit her practice to one specific format and expresses each narrative using a particular style, which is constantly shifting and evolving. Intentionally avoiding repetition and developing a personal style, she continues to expand her artistic.


Nargess Hashemi (born 1979,Tehran) lives and works in Tehran. Hashemi studied Fine Art at Tehran University of Art and ancient Persian at the Neyshabour Institute . More than 10 solo shows in Iran, United Arab Emirates, France. Participated in numerous group exhibitions in Iran, United Arab Emirates, Italy, USA, France, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia
  • May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

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