Saeed Khaleghi

May 24 2024 - May 24 2024

Saeed Khaleghi


Nature has always been of great interest to me. Painting nature is what I do. Two years ago, I moved to a mountain village in Iran for that reason. This village has the materials I need to create my paintings . Whatever the case, I am always observing my environment and recording . As a result of my surroundings, I always come up with ideas for paintings. It seems to me that many subjects should be extracted. Each day, I encounter forms that inspire me at the studio or outside the window. Just observing closely.


professional qualification: 2008-Diploma in Graphic Design, Kerman School of Fine Arts, Kerman, Iran 2012-BA in Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran 2016-MA in Illustration, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Iran 2013-Short film script writing course, Sorroush Sehat, Tehran, Iran 2017-Bresson's work analysis course, Tehran, Iran Solo Exhibition: 2013-(Letters)Solo show, Golestan Gallery, Tehran 2015-(Frankly)Solo show, Aun Gallery, Tehran 2016-(Broken Line)Solo show, Kunslerhaus, Salzburg, Vienna 2021-(Shazdeh’s Garden)Solo show, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2024-(Two Years Adjacent to a Mountain)Solo show, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran Group Exhibition: 2006-(My Iran)Group poster show, Tehran 2007-(Talk by Tree)Group photography show, Tehran 2011-(Stories)Group show, House of Cartoon and Caricature, Tehran 2013- (Urban Space)Group show, Tehran 2017-(The Greedy)Group show, Saless Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2018-(Human)Group show, Vartan Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2018-(Transition)Group show, Vartan Gallery, Tehran 2019-(Become)Group show, Y Theatre Hall, Chicago, USA 2021-(Carbon)Group show, Etemad Gallery, Tehran 2023-(An Ever Changing View)Group show, Artunity, Tehran


  • May 24 2024 - May 24 2024

  • Homa Art Gallery

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