Sara Rahanjam

May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

Sara Rahanjam


The main inspiration for my projects are people and social and cultural issues related to the country where I was born and raised as a woman. Most of my projects are my personal and experiential reactions to situations that I have directly experienced or phenomena that have had a significant impact on my life and way of thinking. I have always had a two-way interpretation of these situations and phenomena. I believe that the dark side and the light side of every phenomenon are inseparable from each other and are a constant challenge to each other.


Sara Rahanjam, an Iranian artist and sculptor, was born in 1984 in Tehran. He was interested in art since childhood and painted since she was a teenager. In 2007, she entered Tehran University and graduated in sculpture. She has skills in various artistic fields, from sculpture to painting and drawing. In his works, he draws inspiration from various topics and concepts, such as man, nature and society. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Iran and around the world. Her works are kept in various museums and galleries in Iran, France, America, China and other countries. As a teenager, she began attending art classes and became proficient in various artistic fields, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. After graduating in the field of sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran, She engaged in art professionally and exhibited her works in various exhibitions.
  • May 25 2024 - May 25 2024

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