Monir Zende – Intimate

Monir Zende – Intimate

Monir Zende is a Iranian Zombie abstract artist .her style is a mix of abstract and figurative and her work explore them like creation and destruction, femininity and anthropomorphism Zombie formalism suggests that it does. “Zombie formalism” refers to a type of art designed specifically to cater to the demands of the market. In 2014, the art critic Walter Robinson invented the lovely term to label paintings that possess “certain qualities—a chic strangeness, a mysterious drama, a meditative calm—that function well in the realm of high-end, hyper-contemporary interior design.” The style of zombie formalist paintings is characteristically a type of abstraction (hence “formalism”) that requires sophisticated theorizing in order to be bestowed with meaning. The necessity for the zombie-like return of omnipotent art critics (hence “zombie”) hints towards a problem aestheticians, art critics, and curators all currently face. Robinson particularly targets the American art critic Clement Greenberg here. Greenberg’s essay “‘AmericanType‘ Painting”, which was initially published in Partisan Review in 1955, provided the intellectual framework that substantially contributed to the fame of abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock. However, if we need art critics like Clement Greenberg, the uber-theoretician of abstract expressionism, in order to be able to bestow works of art with value, then do artworks possess value independently of these theoreticians? Moreover, if the artistic decisions of zombie formalists are primarily based on appealing to the market, to what extent do the representatives of art institutions merely underwrite the inflation of the economic value of such paintings by virtue of their endorsements? Clearly, the potential for conflicts of interests between the art institution and the art market are myriad.


Source: Aesthetics For Birds

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